4 Fashion Trends Of 2021 You MUST Know

4 fashion trends of 2021 you MUST know

As the fashion weeks progress, many designers stood out in the fashion week in new york with special collections with original trends and a bit abstract for certain tastes, here we leave you a summary of the 4 most important and curious fashion trends for this year that is just beginning and without a doubt it continues to surprise us:

1. The mashup and recycling:

Kitchen tapestry patterns, traditional costumes, lace fabrics were some of the materials used in collections at New York Fashion Week. These creations and style of dress is an ingenious and sustainable way of folkloric styles in a fashion with meaning. This involves all the sensibilities of the generation focused on promoting political and environmental changes. Which promotes recycling existing parts.

2. New stage of white dresses:

The white dresses of this new year mean a lot for the turn of the millennium in terms of weddings. The best option for this year in a dress comes from Sandy Liang, who showed on the catwalk the power of wearing black knee-high boots as the best complement to white dresses, giving strength and empowerment to women.

3. Flowers in quantity and upholstery:

The patterned bouquets certainly lift your spirits, particularly when it comes to flowers, these upholstery type flowers for the soul both for clothing and for interior design that promote the use of flowers and decoration with plants.

4. The new age and attitude of moles:

When it comes to polka dots topping the runways this year, conveying the message that polka dots are sexy and pretty, hedonistic and mind-blowing, these types of outfits offered by the house of Burberry add that tough touch complemented by biker-style pants, worthy of To use on a weekend motorcycle getaway down the road.