Keys To Understanding Where Fashion Trends Are Headed

In recent times the world has undergone profound transformations such as female empowerment, ecological awareness, the emergence of a pandemic and the popularization of online shopping, among other changes. FASHION TRENDS are no strangers to these transformations, as they constantly seek to adapt to changes in order to remain protagonists.

Here are some keys to understand where FASHION TRENDS are heading.

-Today’s fashion respects the dignity of women much more than before. Fashion no longer dictates to women what clothes to wear, but designers create clothes that fit today’s lifestyles. Fashion adapts to women and not the other way around.

-Fashion, advertising and mass media are diversifying the stereotypes of female beauty. Today we can see all kinds of women in advertising, magazines, television, etc.. There is no longer a prevailing model of beauty in fashion.

-Many beautiful girls who are famous on Instagram have displaced traditional models, because they have millions of followers, fashion consumers love them and generate a lot of money from various sources.

-Younger people have started to consume eco-friendly clothing as they have become aware of the vulnerability of planet Earth. Today, garments are manufactured in an ethical way and are more durable.

-The pandemic emergency made online sales of clothing grow in a surprising way. The fear of becoming infected made millions of people prefer to buy online rather than leave their homes.

-All brands are betting on extreme adaptation due to the times we live in. Safety measures are taken and precautions are taken to preserve health. Today, fashion shows and online showrooms are organized to keep fashion alive despite the pandemic context.


FASHION TRENDS seek to adapt to the challenging circumstances we are living in. Designers and brands must keep up with the changes to continue to influence people’s lives. The key is respect for consumers and their habits.