How To Maintain Youthful Skin For Life

All women want to maintain youthful, silky and radiant skin throughout their lives. It is mistakenly believed that skin beauty is a matter of genetics and chance. Fortunately this is not so, as every woman can have perfect skin through smart BEAUTY TIPS and a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the best BEAUTY TIPS to keep your skin young for a lifetime.

-Visit your dermatologist at least twice a year. He/she should tell you which beauty products you should use according to your skin type.

-Always use sunscreen before going outdoors, both on your face and body.

-Drink at least two liters of water per day. Natural fruit juices also benefit the skin because they contain minerals and vitamins. Green tea is an infusion that accelerates metabolism, which collaborates with cell renewal.

-You should exfoliate your facial skin with an organic cream containing natural essences such as aloe vera, lemon, oatmeal or jojoba that deeply cleanse the skin without damaging it. The body skin can be exfoliated with a shower gel that contains granules that free your skin from toxins and dead cells. This process is done once a week.

-Try not to sunbathe. If you still want to do it you can expose yourself to the sun before 10 AM and after 4 PM. Remember that the sun’s rays are responsible for skin aging.

-Remember to use moisturizer every day. It should have a fluid texture that adapts perfectly to your skin.

-Encourage you to use nourishing night creams, as they work intensely on the cellular regeneration of your skin.

-Good nutrition is essential to have a flawless skin. Avoid eating fried foods, fats and sweets.

Instead, the consumption of fruits and vegetables promote a well-balanced skin.


These BEAUTY TIPS should be part of your daily routine as it is consistency that will give you the desired results.