Meet The Romantic Style, The Fashion Style Of The Sweetest Women

Fashion is a fabulous tool to express our way of being through clothes, shoes and accessories. Women who prioritize emotions, femininity and imagination have a FASHION STYLE where they can express themselves: the romantic style. This trend highlights the delicacy of each woman through subtle details that project romanticism. The clothes are discreet and predominantly floral prints, with polka dots or hearts. Soft colors such as pink, white and nude predominate. Women who choose this FASHION STYLE do not like to wear pants. They prefer long dresses and long or knee-length skirts. They also often wear see-through garments or loose-fitting chiffon blouses.

The personality of women who choose romantic style

Romantic style in fashion is chosen by confident, friendly and noble women. They prioritize good quality interpersonal relationships in all areas of life: family, work, neighborhood, etc. They are perceived as capable of performing tasks related to social work, teaching in schools, psychology and psychopedagogy. They have an excellent relationship with children, because they love to protect them. This FASHION STYLE is ideal for women who seek to project empathy in others and like to relate to everyone. If you like to cultivate friendship in your relationships, the romantic style is for you.

Romantic style keys

The designs that go best with this FASHION STYLE are flowers, butterflies, polka dots, bows, hearts and stars. Your clothes should be in pastel colors like lilac, pink and light blue. You can also use some neutral colors like white and nude. Your garments should gently accentuate your waist so that your body projects an “hourglass” image. Choose shoes like ballerinas and dare to wear high heels on special occasions. If you wear long hair, it should always be neat and well groomed. The most important thing is that the details of your clothes are coherent and match each other so that your look is impeccable.