Meet The Casual Style, Basic But Never Outdated

The casual style is a fASHION STYLE that is expressed through informal clothing and can be used in circumstances in which there is no specific dress code. Women who choose this style do not need to follow rigid codes of elegance nor do they need to project a serious image. Besides being flexible, the casual style allows you to look great in any context: office, party, outing with friends, etc. The clothes are comfortable, functional and relaxed so that the woman can move freely. This FASHION STYLE is versatile, so it can be combined with other styles such as classic, bohemian or trendy, among others.

The woman who chooses this style

Women who choose to dress in a casual style are individuals who carry out many daily activities and need to wear flexible clothing to feel comfortable. They do not want to submit to any particular dress code and just want to look good at their own discretion. Although this FASHION STYLE is chosen by women of all professions, generally those who choose this style are artists, freelancers and independent businesswomen. They love to look good, but they are very busy and don’t have time to submit to fashion rules.

The keys of casual style

If you believe that casual style is the ideal FASHION STYLE for you, you should have these clothes in your closet:

-Shirts: they have to be made of thin fabric and rather loose. They can be closed or open collared, but they always have to be comfortable. The appropriate colors are white, black, pink and camel.

-T-shirts: they should be loose-fitting, short-sleeved, preferably with a round neck and a V-neck. The best colors are black, white, blue and gray.

-Pants should be straight cut, preferably black, blue or gray. As for footwear, prefer low-heeled shoes such as ankle boots and moccasins, you can also wear sneakers if they are comfortable for you.