Fashion Accessories: How To Use Them Correctly

FASHION ACCESSORIES are fantastic complements to our outfit as they bring glamour and modernity to our image. The secret to be elegant is to use FASHION ACCESSORIES correctly, otherwise we will look untidy and without style. First of all these accessories should help us to look better, but without overloading our look. Here are some ideas that you should follow to make your accessories look good.

-Do not overload your face with jewelry, you should choose between wearing a necklace or earrings. If you have a round face use small earrings, if you have an oval face you can use bigger earrings. The attention should be directed to one part of your face, that’s why you can’t wear several pieces of jewelry at the same time.

-The jewelry should be of the same style. For example, you can’t mix jewelry with silver or gold jewelry. Gold and silver should not mix either.

-Choose only one fashion accessory for your hair, for example: wear a headband or a pair of buckles. One hair accessory is enough to make you look good.

-If you dress completely in black you can dare to use more daring accessories, as they will add dynamism to your image. If your outfit is very colorful, you should not use fashion accessories because your outfit is already eye-catching.

-Keep in mind that black, nude, white, gray and blue garments look best with accessories.

-During the winter, remember that the scarf and gloves should be the same color, or at least belong to the same shade.

-The accessories you choose should finish defining your style, as well as being balanced with each other. Do not use accessories of different styles.


FASHION ACCESSORIES are the perfect complement to the image you want to project. For your outfit to be a success you must respect your stylistic essence and avoid any kind of excess.