Casual Clothing Style

Whomever said that dressing up casually is easy knows nothing about it because you actually have to put in much effort to look effortless. Here are clothing pieces that you need to try when you are going for the casual look:


A bodycon dress is a simple dress that is fitted on the body. It can be styled by wearing it alone or you may wear it with your favorite accessories, a jacket, and some boots. You may even wear it with sneakers so that’s definitely a plus.


What else screams casual other than cami tops? They look great with shorts or jeans and they are great for the summer too! Cami tops are perfect for everyday: when you just want to grab a drink and be all casual, or when you want to look cute inside the house, or for a day out with friends at the mall.


Cropped is the way to go!. This top is just like the cami top but in a different design. It also is really comfortable to wear. What’s great about this top as compared to cami tops is that the straps of this top hide your bra straps so you do not need strapless bras to wear it.


You know the drill–cropped tees are perfect for casual looks! They are simple and you could just put one on and wear your favorite accessories and you’re ready. You can wear high heels to look all dolled up or be more casual by wearing sneakers.


The zip up trend has become really popular since 2019 and it is here to stay. Zip up tees are really fun and you can control the depth of the neckline. They also have really great collars too!