Best Brows For Highlighting Your Beauty

In 2021, you do not need to have refined brows or brows that are on fleek. That is so 2016 and 2016 is five years ago. In 2021, you may want to try out more natural brows. You remember the brows of supermodels that look really natural but really cool as well? Sometimes they do use brow pencils, brow mascaras, and brow gels, but those things are not the main products to achieve supermodel brows. The product that you should use in 2021 to achieve your best brows is brow gel. Here are beauty tips and the steps on how you could achieve these best brows:

First you would need water, brow soap, and a spoolie. A spoolie is the brush that you use to refine your brows. You may purchase a spoolie separately or sometimes it comes with the brow soap. A spoolie is also often found on the other end of a brow pencil. Nonetheless, you may want to use a clean spoolie for this one. You do not need to much water. If you have a small sprayer, then that’s much better. You may also use a face mist if you wish to. Brow soaps also come in various colors such as clear, black, and brown.

What you would want to do is to spray some water to your brow soap to have a thick glue like substance then you swirl your spoolie into it to get some product. Then you brush the spoolie onto your brow hairs to ensure that they are coated. Then you brush them to your desired style and direction. Afterwards, get a thin stick to make sure that the hairs stick to your skin and are flat. You want your hair glued flat to the skin. If there are sparse areas on your brows, you may use a brow pencil or brow gel to fill in the gaps. And you’re all done!